The Handmade Slabs listed below are Un-Glazed with a rough textured and dark oxide finish, all have a built in foot ring with plenty of drainage and wiring holes.

Please note: Sizes are approximate and to the outside of the pot, colours, Texture and shading will vary and be unique to each pot.


(Please note: shipping is not included in the catalogue price.)


SL-01 Wide Primitive Slab

SL-01, Wide Primitive Slab, Size 34 x 25cm, Price £30.00


SL-02 Large Primitive Slab

SL-02, Large Primitive Slab, Size 39 x 21cm, Price £30.00


SL-03 Medium Primitive Slab

SL-03, Medium Primitive Slab, Size 34 x 17cm, Price £20.00


SL-04 Small Primitive Slab

SL-04, Small Primitive Slab, Size 26 x 13cm, Price £16.00



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