The pots listed below are from our standard sized handmade range, each pot is individually made in Red Stoneware clay and finished to a very high standard, the pots come with a choice of  two foot styles “A” & “B”, foot style ’B’ can be glazed with a raised glaze line or glazed to the bottom edge (Please See Examples Below).

These pots come in three main types of finish, Glazed, smooth or textured unglazed and textured with Red/Black Oxide (please See finishes for handmade pots on our Glaze Page).

The Prices quoted below are for the standard size and style of pot, the pots can be altered in height for a small additional cost (approx 10% depending on the pot size and style).

If you require the height to be changed please either email us or enter the details in the ‘Other details’ part of the order form and we will then contact you with the pot price.

If you can not find a suitable pot in the standard range and you would like to commission a pot to your own sizes and design please go to our Commissioned pots page for details.

Please note: Due to the unpredictability of clay all sizes are approximate and to the outside of the pot in cm, the colours and shading will also vary and be unique to each pot.

(Shipping is not included in the price)


Foot Styles

Oval with Outside Rim

Ovals with Outside Rim.

(Example: Snake Skin Green with foot style “B”)

Code:                                                                              L.         W.        H.        Price: 

01-12     Oval with Outside Rim                                  31.0  x  23.0  x  4.5        £58.00

01-15     Oval with Outside Rim                                  38.5  x  31.5  x  5.5        £79.00

01-16      Oval with Outside Rim                                 41.0  x  31.0  x  5.5        £92.00

01-18      Oval with Outside Rim                                 46.0  x  33.5  x  6.0       £110.00

01-19      Oval with Outside Rim                                 47.5  x  41.0 x  12.00    £139.00

01-20     Oval with Outside Rim                                  50.5  x  38.5  x  7.0       £135.00

01-22      Oval with Outside Rim                                 55.5  x  39.0  x  7.0       £180.00


Oval with Inside Rim

Oval with Inside Rim.

(Example: Moss Grey with foot style “A”)

Code:                                                                               L.         W.        H.        Price: 

02-12      Oval with Inside Rim                                    31.0  x  23.0  x  5.5       £60.00

02-14      Oval with Inside Rim                                    34.5  x  27.0  x  6.0       £72.00

02-15      Oval with Inside Rim                                    38.5  x  31.5  x  7.0       £84.00

02-16S    Oval with Inside Rim                                    41.0  x  31.0  x  5.0       £92.00

02-16      Oval with Inside Rim                                    41.0  x  31.0  x  7.0       £95.00

02-17      Oval with Inside Rim                                    44.5  x  38.5  x  12.0   £135.00

02-18      Oval with Inside Rim                                    46.5  x  34.0  x  8.0     £115.00

02-20      Oval with Inside Rim                                    50.5  x  38.5  x  9.0     £145.00

02-22      Oval with Inside Rim                                    55.5  x  39.0  x  10.0   £189.00




Oval Group Trays

(Example: Matt White with foot style “B”)

Code:                                                                               L.         W.        H.        Price: 

03-16    Oval Group Tray                                            41.0  x  31.0  x  3.5       £82.00

03-17    Oval Group Tray                                            44.5  x  35.0  x  3.5       £99.00

03-20    Oval Group Tray                                            50.5  x  38.5  x  4.0     £125.00

03-22    Oval Group Tray                                            55.5  x  39.0  x  4.5     £165.00


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