The pots listed below are from our Exhibition Quality Shohin Range, each pot is individually made and finished to a very high standard, these pots will enhance the appearance of any tree and are built with ample drainage and wiring holes which are essential for keeping your trees healthy.  Pots can be glazed in any colour from the glaze range.

Please note: Sizes are approximate and to the outside of the pot, colours and shading will vary and be unique to each pot, shipping is not included in the price.



SH-101 Deep Rectangle

SH-101 Deep Rectangle, Size: 160 x 112 x 45mm, example Opaque White.

Price £24.00


SH-102 Deep Rectangle with Rim

SH-102 Deep Rectangle with Rim, Size: 168 x 123 x 45mm, example Snake Skin Blue.

Price £24.00


SH-103 Fluted Rectangle

SH-103 Fluted Rectangle, Size: 158 x 115 x 45mm, example Red Brown.

Price £24.00


SH-104 Shallow Rectangle

SH-104 Shallow Rectangle, Size: 158 x 112 x 27mm, example Fudge.

Price £22.00


SH-105 Shallow Rectangle with Cut Corners

SH-105 Shallow Rectangle with Cut Corners, Size: 183 x 130 x 35mm, example Snake Skin Blue.

Price £25.00


SH-106 Small Deep Rectangle.

SH-106 Small Deep Rectangle, Size: 85 x 65 x 32mm, example Snake Skin Brown.

Price £14.00


SH-107 Plain Rectangle

SH-107 Plain Rectangle, Size: 150 x 105 x 45mm, example Red Brown.

Price £25.00


SH-108 Soft cornered Rectangle with Rim

SH-108 Soft Cornered Rectangle with rim, size: 138 x 100 x 38mm, example Red.

Price £22.00


SH-109 soft cornered Rectangle

SH-109 Soft Cornered Rectangle, Size: 128 x 90 x 38mm, example Grey.

Price £20.00


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3, Grey
11, Moss
17, Blue

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